Eco Kit Homes in Australia, modular homes


Looking for Eco Kit Homes in Australia?

We’ve collected a lot of information to help you make the right choice to suit your individual needs and values, including links to eco kit homes Australia suppliers.

What is an eco kit home?

To be able to call your eco kit home “eco”, you have to achieve a high rating of 6+ stars, rated by NABERS, the official Australian Government rating system. The Nabers scheme covers energy and water usage, waste and indoor environment. Read more about the eco star ratings.
The companies who sell eco kit homes have looked at all the different aspects of how to be eco friendly. Their eco kit home design makes it possible to stay warm in winter and cool in summer with minimal use of electricity, reuse waste water and have a smaller carbon footprint during the build.

What should I think about when buying an eco kit home?

eco home in Australia

There are two main things to consider before purchasing an eco kit home and being clear about your motivation will make your decisions easier.

  • Is saving money on your electricity bills your primary concern when buying an eco kit home?
  • Do you also want to reduce the carbon footprint of the building materials?

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What is a Kit Home?

A kit home is a prefabricated structure which arrives on site as a flat pack. It contains only the exterior parts of the home.

A kit home can be made in a few of months and can be assembled by a contractor in just a few days. When you see a modern kit home you won’t be able to tell the difference from a home that’s been built on site.
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What’s the Difference Between Kit Homes & Modular Homes?

The big difference between kit homes and modular homes is that modular homes are more flexible in design than kit homes and can be made exactly to suit your individual needs. Kit homes on the other hand are usually only available with a handful of pre-defined floor plans. Modular homes are built with units called “modules” which can be assembled or separated in different ways.

Modular homes are more costly then kit homes because they are more flexible and fancier in design. The most affordable three bedroom modular home starts from $80 000 whereas a three bedroom kit home starts from $50 000.