There are many benefits for both you and the environment when you decide to buy an eco kit home.

Here is a list of those benefits:

  • Eco kit homes are built with sustainable materials.
  • You will live in a healthy, non-toxic environment.
  • Kit homes are built much quicker.
  • When materials are pre cut to the right size there is a lot less waste then building on site.
  • By choosing an eco kit home carbon emissions will be reduced significantly, because the amount of contractors, construction and delivery vehicles visiting your site will be much less.
  • Slopes often can stay as they are because most sites won’t need to be excavated. This saves the surrounding vegetation from being damaged by heavy traffic.
  • If you need to relocate you can take your eco kit home with you.
  • Build your eco kit home in an urban, bush, rural or coast environment; it will look great anywhere!
  • Last but not least: you will save money by paying less or no electricity and water bills!