Cellulose as sustainable insulation material for eco kit homes

Cellulose is one of the most environmentally friendly options for your eco kit home insulation. It is made out of plant fiber, usually in the form of newspapers. The newspapers are treated with boric acid which is poisonous to insects. Boric acid occurs naturally in soil, plants and water and doesn’t cause any harm to humans when used in cellulose.



  • Cellulose is cheap as it is made of recycled paper
  • It is made to be pest and fire resistant
  • Loose fill cellulose can be blown into spaces which are tricky to reach otherwise and will leave no air holes
  • It doesn’t use much energy to produce
  • It forms a good sound-barrier


  • The cellulose can move around when there is a draft in the ceiling
  • It can be more difficult for electricians to access wires
  • It is dusty and messy