Eco Kit Homes Western Australia

Eco kit homes and modular homes in Western Australia

Here is a full list of suppliers who deliver eco kit homes in Western Australia. It also includes suppliers of eco friendly modular homes in Western Australia.
To help you choose a kit home supplier we’ve listed details about the kind of kit homes they sell, including:

  • whether its a custom build, kit or modular house
  • star rating/ energy efficiency
  • the price range
  • the time the different companies take to produce an eco kit home.

To read more about Star ratings click here.

Western Australia Kind of homes Prices Star rating
Energy efficiency
How long to build Special claims
Ausco Modular Permanent construction method
with outstanding environmental benefits
  Ausco uses steel frames.
Archishack Modular $140.000 + Relocatable building
  Archishack uses plantation timber frame or combined with steel frames (galvanized and recycled steel used where available), 100% recycled organic material wall panels, plantation hardwood and wet areas are lined with environmentally sustainable porcelain tile technology and recyclable vinyl sheet, tiles or planks.
Auswide Kithomes Kit home and custom $50.000 – $161.000 8+ 10 days Choice between cyclonic and non-cyclonic wall strength
  Auswidekithomes uses fully reusable, recyclable and non-toxic building materials.
Ecoshelta Modular $55.000 – $340.000 1 day + Bushfire and cyclone resistant options
  Ecosheltauses uses marine grade structural aluminium alloy which is made from at least 15% recycled material and is smelted by low impact energy sources (Hydro or geothermal).
Kit Homes Kit & Modify $31.999 – $119.920 10-12 weeks Cyclone resistant options
  Kithomes uses steel, colourbond, aluminium sliding windows and doors, Hardiplank, (partly wood, partly cement) Blueboard (gypsum) or Hardifles (fibre cement) cladding, Structafloor (plantation pine) flooring, Villaboard (fibre cement) internal linings.
Force 10 Homes Kit home $69.500 + 9.5 14 days Cyclone Proof, Fire Proof, Termite Proof
  Force10 homes uses steel, metal stumps in low concrete footings and cellulose fibre wall panels.
Flatpack Kithomes Kit home Comes with
energy efficiency cert.
28 days Cyclone Region 2, category B, Colourbond
  Flatpackkithomes uses concrete slabs, Colorbond®, pre-insulated structural steel panel, aluminium door and window frames and ply flooring.
Prebuilt Custom and modular $180.580 – $452.590 12 weeks
  Prebuilt uses plantation and recycled timber.
Postbeam Custom and modular $144.150 + 6-8 20-26 weeks
  Postbeam uses Timbercrete, brick or brick veneer, timber cladding, mud brick, rammed earth, Colorbond® steel cladding or just about anything else.
Ral Homes Kit home $10.000 – $122.000 5+ 12 weeks Fire and cyclone resistant
  Ralhomes uses structural plywood inside and pre-curved Colorbond steel sheeting on the outside.
Statewide Constructions Kit & modular $14.200 – $110.600 1 week + Fire and termite proof
  Statewide Constructions uses steel.