Hempcrete is made of an old recipe of hemp, water and lime, used for decades for the restoration of old clay and straw buildings in European countries.

Structures made from hempcrete centuries ago by the Japanese and Romans are still standing!

Why use hempcrete for your eco kit home?

Hempcrete does not crack severely under movement, like masonry or concrete does. Therefore it’s suitable to be used in earthquake prone area’s. It is also much lighter in weight than concrete. Masonary or concrete will crack suddenly under movement whereas lime develops micro cracks under movement that seal when moisture comes into contact with it.

Hempcrete stores carbon dioxide for the life of the eco kit home and has no equal as a natural building product. Composed of a mixture of hemp, water and a lime-based binder it makes an excellent thermal insulating building material with acoustic properties. The insulation forms the entire wall with the load bearing timber frame fully enclosed. Besides being an insulator hempcrete prevents damp and mould growth, buffers temperature and humidity, making the building a healthy comfortable environment.

Hempcrete buildings are long lasting and save energy for ever.

Hempcrete is termite and fire resistant. It is lightweight and forms a hard wall surface. Hempcrete helps to reduce humidity by being vapour permeable.

When your eco kit home is built with hempcrete you don’t need to run heaters or airconditioners all day to keep your home comfortable. Hempcrete doesn’t need a constant energy input like regular insulation requires.
Through power conservation your yearly energy costs will go down significantly. And: your hempcrete eco kit home will be carbon negative!


For more information on Hempcrete please visit hempcrete.com.au