Mud Bricks


Mud bricks might not be the obvious choice for your eco kit home Australia. As the word “brick” implies, this kind of house will need brick-laying. We can only call it partially a kit or module home. But the benefits are many and if you like that authentic natural look than mud bricks are the way to go. At the moment we could only locate one company which combines kit/module homes with mud bricks, which is Post & Beam.

What exactly are mud bricks?

Mud bricks are a mix of clay and water, thoroughly dried. You can purchase them compressed into a standard brick size, or have them hand made in moulds. You can get them curved for rounded corners or pillars. They can be made strong enough to be load-bearing. It is the oldest building material around.

What are the benefits of using mud bricks for your eco home?

Mud bricks are very strong and made to last throughout long periods of intense summer heat and icy winters. They require very little maintenance and are termite resistant.
Due to their thermal mass they regulate temperatures beautifully for you, not only keeping the cold or heat out but also unwanted noise.

Whether you prefer a modern or more fairy-tale look, a mud brick home is very pleasing to the eye. They have a calming and grounding effect on your mood and sit well in a natural environment.