Plantation & Recycled Timber


Using plantation timber for your eco kit home

Australia has over 2 million hectares of timber plantations. More than half of these are softwoods such as Radiata-, Hoop- and Slash Pine. Softwood doesn’t imply that they are less durable nor less strong than hardwood. We use softwood for structural framing, poles and beams, cladding and panelling, flooring, decking, joinery and bench-tops. The down-side of using pines is the use of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides in the growing process, as the pines are susceptible to diseases. Unfortunately the chemicals used are highly polluting for the environment. Pine timber also need treatment to withstand the weather if they are used outside the eco kit home.

Hardwood species from Eucalypt plantations might not be mature enough to be used yet. To prevent native forests from being logged we’ll have to make use of recycled timber or pines.

Using recycled timber for your eco kit home

The best choice for your eco kit home would be recycled timber. Luckily we now have plenty of recycled timber companies which sell beautiful hard woods such as:

Some kit home manufactures use recycled timber in their eco kit home structures. The most flexible with materials must be Post & Beam.

Other eco kit home manufactures who make use of recycled timber are: