What is solar energy?

Solar energy is energy coming from the sun’s light and heat. It is free and abundant in Australia. Solar energy is one of the best choices for alternative energy to replace fossil fuels and tackles the problem of global warming.

How can we use solar energy for your Eco Kit Homes Australia?

Thanks to our modern technology we can harness the energy from the sun using photo-voltaic panels on our roofs. Solar system experts come to your house to advise you how many panels you’ll need. It is wise to choose good quality panels as they will last longer and won’t end up at the garbage tip too quickly. Also check where the panels are made, some companies do not dispose the toxic waste of solar panel production properly.

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Benefits of solar for your Eco Kit Homes Australia

  • Solar panels won’t produce any green house gasses once made
  • Solar energy will cut down your electricity bill, with the possibility of having no bill at all.



In Australia and America, lobbyists are constantly trying to convince us that alternative energy just isn’t a viable option. Meanwhile, in Germany, they have permanently shut down 8 of their 17 nuclear power plants. The rest of them will be shut down by 2022. Where do you think they are getting their electricity from?