Star Ratings

Star Rating for your Eco Kit Home Australia

We have different star rating systems to rate the energy efficiency of your eco kit home Australia:

  • Green Star
  • NatHERS

What is Green Star?

Green Star is the most comprehensive sustainability program currently present in Australia for industrial, commercial, and multi unit residential developments. Green Star is a program which gives great competitive advantage to the practising organisations as innovators of sustainability practice and Green Building design approach. A Green Star Certification is likely the most coveted and prestigious sustainability certificate for your eco kit home Australia.

What is NABERS and how is NABERS different to Green Star?

NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) rates the actual environmental impact by performance of a building in use whereas Green Star rates the potential environmental impact of design at design stage and/or once your eco kit home has been built.

What is NatHERS?

NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) is an initiative of the Ministerial Council on Energy.
It provides a scheme to measure and rate potential energy efficiency of residential developments, to be used by a variety of different software. NatHERS ensures fair treatment of conventional and eco kit homes in all the different regions in Australia, assessing thermal efficiency with repeatable and consistent results. It provides platforms for:

  • organisations that provide training and accreditation for thermal efficiency assessors (like ABSA)
  • accreditation of assessment software.

What is BASIX and what is the difference between NatHERS and BASIX?

The NSW government developed BASIX (Building Sustainability Index), which is a scheme to improve the energy and water consumption of residential developments in NSW. BASIX therefore contributes to environmental sustainability and reduction in Green House Gas Emission.
When a developer of an eco kit home applies for a BASIX certificate the software used for rating the thermal efficiency of the building must be licensed by NatHERS to be valid for the assessment of thermal efficiency part of BASIX online tool.

What is ABSA?

ABSA (Association of Building Sustainability Assessors) is committed to improving the sustainability of Australian buildings and homes. ABSA is a non-profit industry organisation. They train and accredit building performance professionals, work with regulatory bodies and government to formulate policy, and provide advice and sustainability assessment services to home-owners and the building industry, like eco kit home builders.