Straw bales

Straw bales as sustainable insulation material for eco kit homes


Research reveals that straw-bale has wonderful insulating properties. Rows of bales are stacked on a foundation. The bale walls are held together with wire meshes or with pins and rendered with a lime- or clay/earth render. A cement based mix can be used but would make your eco home less environmentally friendly.


  • Straw bale is cheap
  • It is 100% natural
  • Straw bale is fire safe; the straw is strongly compressed and has little or no oxygen
  • Straw bale eco kit homes with lime render look beautiful and natural
  • Homes made with straw-bales are sturdy
  • Straw bale homes are energy efficient


  • It can be labour intensive to use straw bales when not only used for insulation but as wall-structure, which can make using it more expensive
  • Using straw bales will make your walls thick so they take up a lot of space
  • Rendering the straw bales is time-consuming