As the windows of your kit home are the thinnest parts of the wall they allow a lot of heat and cold to pass through them. So if you want your house to be energy efficient it is important to use windows that minimize this heat transfer. Good quality frames are equally important.

Double or triple glazed windows as insulation material for your eco kit homes

Using double or triple glazed windows in your eco home will reduce the conduction of heat by 50% and over. They will help to keep hot air out and cool air in during summer, and visa versa during winter. As added bonuses double or triple glazed windows will reduce external noise significantly, protect you from strong winds and also reduces the amount of ultraviolet radiation. Reducing radiation will protect you against skin cell damage. Besides that your furniture and carpets won’t fade so easily.

Energy efficiency of windows is measured with U value and a lower value is better then a higher value. The U value of single glazing is 5, older double-glazing about 3 and new double glazing has a U value of 1.6. The U value of walls is around 0.3, so windows are still a weak point in the efficiency of the building. Triple glazing combined with insulated frames can bring the U value down to 0.8.


  • Lower electricity bills
  • Comfortable indoor climate
  • Protection against noise
  • Strong and durable
  • Secure against theft
  • Protection against ultraviolet radiation
  • Less fading of furniture and carpets


  • Double glazing cost about 25% more than single glass
  • Triple glazing can cost about 15% more than double glazing